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Hi there,

Welcome to By The Sea Jewellery.

My name is Samuel and I found my love for making Jewellery back in 2015. I taught my self using YouTube tutorials and pratice.

Making Seaglass jewellery is my passion. Using something that has been smoothed and shaped by the ocean  creates a rawness to my work. 

I work from my studio in Newquay located on the Killacourt opposite one of the many Bay beaches we have here - Towan.

As my Jewellery making experience grew I started experimenting with diamonds, trying different settings and ways to present the diamonds next to the seaglass, this is how By The Sea Engagements was born. I realised that I was able to create something so special and unique which made every ring personal and meaningful.


I am constantly learning new techniques and ways of combing seaglass, diamonds and gemstones.

I also offer a re-purposing service whereby I can melt down your old precious metal and make you something new and fresh.


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