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Welcome to By The Sea Jewellery, where the ocean meets creativity.


I’m Samuel, a local from Newquay, and I grew up surfing and exploring the beautiful Cornish coast. I have always been passionate about collecting sea glass with my family, and I’ve turned this love for the ocean into my work. Being part of a family of artists, creativity runs in my veins. My father, Michael Woods, was a stone carver and painter whose work highly influences me to this day. At By The Sea Jewellery, I strive to create unique and beautiful pieces that capture the essence of the ocean and reflect the beauty of handcrafted artistry.

As a self-taught jewellery maker, I have honed my craft through years of experience. I am passionate about creating unique and beautiful jewellery, combining old techniques with modern design to produce pieces that are not only stunning but built to last. My favourite materials to work with are seaglass and diamonds, which I use to craft custom pieces that are completely unique to you.

My jewellery is all about the Cornish coast, the rugged coastline that inspires me. I create each piece by hand, using only the highest quality materials, so that you can enjoy timeless, wearable art. From the delicate sea-inspired designs that evoke a sense of serenity and calm, to the bold statement pieces that capture the untamed spirit of the coast, you're sure to find something you love.


Come visit my studio at the Killacourt in Newquay for a consultation, or fill out my online contact form to discuss a bespoke piece.

Look forward to hearing from you

Samuel Woods

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